ElectroBoyz Receives Congratulatory Message from SISTAR

ElectroBoyz members received dear support from girl group SISTAR. On April 30, SISTAR, who recently won number one for the song “Alone,” uploaded onto Brave’s official blog a congratulatory message for ElectroBoyz comeback. Along with the encouraging message, they put up a picture of the two groups together.

In the video message, SISTAR congratulates ElectroBoyz on their new album release. They said, “After “My Boy 2,” you unveiled “Should I Laugh or Cry.” We hope that through this album you will be able to laugh. SISTAR is always cheering for you.”

Netizens who saw the photo and video commented, “They are truly the real Brave Boyz,” “Receive SISTAR’s spirits and win number one,” and “Everyone looks close.”

Meanwhile, ElectroBoyz has made a comeback with their latest song, “Should I Laugh or Cry.”