Pixie Lott’s Album Featuring G-Dragon & T.O.P Continues to Gain Momentum

English singer, Pixie Lott, and Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P have collaborated on the single, “Dancing on My Own.” The single is featured in Pixie Lott’s Japanese album, “Young Foolish Happy,” which was released in Asia on April 30.

Pixie Lott tweeted last month, “Sooooo excited it’s happening! ‘Dancing On My Own’ with GD & TOP will be released WORLDWIDE soon!”

Their smooth rapping skills and vocals are on display in the Asian release of the single. The original single featured singer-songwriter and producer Marty James. Many have commented that G-Dragon and T.O.P’s version of the single is more powerful than the original.

Regarding the collaboration, netizens have commented, “G-Dragon’s English rapping and last vocals are the best part,” and, “It was so surprising to hear Pixie Lott’s vocals matching so well with G-Dragon’s rapping.”

What do you think of the collaboration?