Yang Hyun Suk To Appear On Talk Show "Healing Camp"

SBS “Healing Camp” have been doing very well amongst the competition of talk shows on the Monday time slot due to their diverse array of interesting and rare talk show guests. And now following this week’s Park Jin Young special they will be having another agency CEO appear on the show, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, who last appeared on a talk show in 2005.

The 7 year gap means that Yang Hyun Suk has much to discuss on the show, everything from running one of the most popular entertainment agency to his stories about being a father of 2. Due to the significant quantity of topics to cover, it is expected that there will be a significant amount of content to air. The location for the recording have yet to be announced but the most likely location would be the YG Headquarters, specifically they could reveal Yang Hyun Suk’s office for the first time on TV and record at that location.

The recording will happen on May 2 and will most likely air on May 14.