JYP Addresses Drug Rumors

JYP revealed a lot about himself during this week’s airing of the talk show “Healing Camp,” one of which was the presistent rumors about drug use and how one of these rumors caused his mother to cry. JYP started off by saying how “When I was a singer because of my songs and my performances I often heard comments about how ‘I think he might be doing drugs.'” and continued by saying “One day I went to my studio to see my mother crying and asking me ‘You do drugs don’t you?'” 

JYP states that “I used to suffer because of severe allergic rhinitis.” and how back then his friend recomended that I put some very diluted salt water in a needle and spray it in his nose as it was good for the symptoms. JYP claims that this method was really effective. From that point onwards JYP would also use a needle in front of a wash basin to treat his rhinitis. The issue was that while JYP’s mother was cleaning up his studio, she discovered the needles and JYP needed to explain to her mother that it wasn’t drugs and was used to spray the water into his nose.

He continued on by saying how “Sometimes people think that because I work in the arts I have to live freely but I can’t agree with that. Artistic inspiration comes when I’m in a good condition. If I’m not leading a good life then I can’t come up with any ideas.”