Secret’s Sunhwa Reveals Her Lovely Body

When we talk about lovely bodies within Secret we usually talk about Hyosung and her volumptous figure but she isn’t the only one in the group with a noteworthy figure. Sunhwa, who is more commonly known for her dimwitted image gained from her appearences on “Invincible Youth,” has revealed a set of photos from a recent photo shoot on her Minihompy.

In a set of entries dated on April 27, Sunhwa can be seen participating in a photo shoot in a revealing set of a tank top and hot pants. The only message Sunhwa posted with these photos were “What do you think this is~~~,” so it’s currently unknown what kind of photoshoot these were for. So what do you think readers? Do you think Sunhwa’s figure is as nice as Hyosung’s or is Hyosung still the figure queen within Secret?