Stills of Joo Won from "Bridal Mask" Released

Actor Joo Won will be returning to the small screen as a national hero with the upcoming drama, “Bridal Mask.”

Joo Won will be playing the role of a hero, which matches his sharp facial features, his charismatic eyes and his lean but strong body figure.

“Bridal Mask” will air after “The Equator Man” starting on May 30. The drama takes place during Korea’s colonization by Japan. Joo Won will play the role of Lee Kang To, who is an average citizen by day but a fearless avenger by night. Actor Shin Hyun Joon makes a cameo as his older brother, who suffers from brain injuries while participating in an independence movement. 

The drama is filled with suspense, action and love. Ever since Joo Won showed his talent through “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” and “Ojakgyo Brothers,” fans are anticipating a great performance from him through “Bridal Mask” as well.

It is reported that Joo Won immediately made his decision to join the cast after reading the synopsis and script. He is studying his two-sided character diligently, since it is a difficult role. Also, despite his busy schedule, he is training for some martial arts and horseback riding skills for his character as well.

The drama’s staff said, “Despite his busy schedule, Joo Won is working very hard to portray Lee Kang To by spending a lot of time studying and training. We believe he is very passionate about this character because it is one of the most dramatic characters he has played in his career.”

“The Bride Mask” is based on a comic by Huh Young Man and it is reported that KBS has been preparing for this drama for a while. “Bridal Mask” will air its first episode on May 30.