2AM’s Changmin Talks About His First Musical, "La Cage"

2AM’s Changmin talked about his thoughts and feelings about his first musical.

Changmin will play the role of Jean-Michel, who is the son of gay parents, Georges and Albin in the musical, “La Cage.”

Changmin attended the press conference for “La Cage” on April 30 and commented, “It’s still a bit unfamiliar and awkward for me since I’m the most comfortable when I’m with my [2AM] members. However, since it is my first musical, I want to do my best.”

He continued to say, “I’ve never really seriously acted before. So I had a lot of worries when I chose ‘La Cage.’ Also, my dancing video before my 2AM debut was banned because I was so bad. So I trust that my seniors will help me through this arduous road of dancing.” 

Meanwhile, the musical “La Cage” is based on the French play, “La Cage aux folles,” and will star Jung Sung Hwa, Nam Kyung Joo, Go Young Bin, Lee Min Ho, Yoo Seung Won, Chun Ho Jin, Jeon Soo Kyung, Yoo Na Young and Kim Ho Young. “La Cage” will open on July 4.