"I Am A Singer 2" Staff Responds to Stir Over Hwang Jung Eum’s Revealing Dress

Earlier we reported that Hwang Jung Eum‘s revealing dress caused a stir among netizens. Hwang Jung Eum made a surprise appearance on “I Am A Singer 2” with a dress revealing too much cleavage and had caused the netizens to raise their eyebrows. Finally, the staff of “I Am A Singer 2” responded to this issue.

On April 29, a special MC Hwang Jung Eum made an appearance with a revealing dress for the opening show of “I Am A Singer 2.” Viewers showed different reactions such as, “The outfit suits the show,” and “She exposed too much.”

“I Am a Singer 2” staff responded to the stir, “We asked her to wear something glamorous, something that she would wear to a red carpet occasion,” and “We wanted to show this opening scene to be like a flashy celebration as if countries were drawing for groups in the World Cup.”

The staff also said, “We can’t control what each individual wears,” and “Hwang Jung Eum decided to wear that glamorous dress as if she was going to a red carpet celebration, and the recording was done very smoothly in a friendly atmosphere.”

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