IVY Took Laxatives Before Shooting Her Album Jacket Photo

Singer Ivy confessed a funny but sad episode with laxatives.

During Ivy’s interview right before her recent comeback, she confessed, “I wanted to look skinny for the album jacket photo shoot, so I took laxatives. I took 3 pills hoping for a better results and I got an upset stomach. I had to go to the emergency room.”

Furthermore, she said, “It was April Fool’s day, so everyone thought I was lying. No one helped me.”

It took Ivy two years and six months to come back with a ballad song, “Torn Heart.” The song “Torn Heart,” starts with a clean arrangement and Ivy’s earnest and sensible vocals, and has an impressive and emotional chorus.

Meanwhile, Ivy revealed how she felt during the video incident on SBS TV “Strong Heart.” She said, “My family struggled more than I did. I overcame a lot of it, but I’m very sorry for letting people down.”