Shinhwa Successfully Finishes Their First Concert of Their Asia Tour

The original Hallyu group, Shinhwa, has successfully ended their first concert in Shanghai of their current Asia tour.

On April 30, Shinhwa held their first concert of their Asia tour at the Shanghai Grand Stage. As soon as ticket sales were opened, all 8,000 tickets were sold out. It is reported that many of those who could not get a ticket stood outside the concert building to cheer on their favorite artist. The concert was filled with numerous reporters from different media outlets as well.

It was the first time in five years since Shinhwa visited China and about 1,000 fans gathered in the airport to catch a glimpse. Fans even took taxis to follow Shinhwa to their hotel to cheer them on.

During the concert, Shinhwa performed a string of their top hits such as, “T.O.P.,” “Wild Eyes,” “Perfect Man,” Eusha Eusha,” “Wedding,” Brand New” and more. They also performed their tenth album title track, “Venus,” as well as “Hurts.”

Shin Hye Sung, who couldn’t dance for about a month after Shinhwa’s come back due to an injury, had completely recovered and had no problem with performing during the concert. 

The next concert of Shinhwa’s Asia Tour will be held on May 12 at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taiwan.