IVY Speaks Out About Alleged Sex Video Clip

For the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on May 1, IVY spoke about her alleged sex video clip. She stated, “’Troublemaker’ is actually a song that I should have sang. It is hard to even talk about the video clip. The word ‘video clip’ has a negative feeling and is shameful to a woman. If you type in ‘IVY’ on a search engine, the video clip comes up as a related search term. I felt guilty because my family also uses the internet to search.”

She continued, “Now I can talk a little more comfortably about it. When the scandal broke out, the video clip made a larger buzz. The alleged ‘IVY’ video clips were either video clips about the crackers with the same name (IVY Crackers) or a person that looked like me.”

At this, the MC Shin Dong Yup stated, “The fact that you have come out here and talked about the video clip, means that there is no real IVY video clip.”