Super Junior Lee Teuk: “I Want to Wake Up to My Wife Kissing Me”

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk recently appeared on an episode of MBC TV’s “Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert.” He was asked the question, “How would you like your future loving wife to wake you up?”

Lee Teuk stated, “I would like it if my future wife would kiss me on the lips and then rest her head on my heart.” He surprised the other guests with his cheesy answer. Lee Teuk was then asked, “What kind of lunch box would you like to receive from a person that you love?” Lee Teuk answered the joke, “I would like to be called off to a buffet.”

Lee Teuk also stated during the episode, “Super Junior would not have been famous without me,” “I made Eunhyuk who he is today,” and also spoke about his future marriage plans. The episode will broadcast on May 3.

Super Junior will continue on with their “Super Show 4” tour at the Tokyo Dome from May 12-13.