Lee Yoon Ji Wears an Extravagant Dress For "The King 2 Hearts"

Actress Lee Yoon Ji has been gaining attention for her regal appearance in recent stills for MBC‘s drama, “The King 2 Hearts.”

In the drama, the actress plays the role of “Lee Jae Shin,” the princess of South Korea and younger sister to the king, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi). In the latest episodes, Lee Jae Shin has become paralyzed as a result of Kim Bong Goo’s (Yoon Je Moon‘s) plot.

In the upcoming episode of “The King 2 Hearts” to be aired on May 2, Lee Yoon Ji is seen wearing an extravagant golden-tone dress with a sparkling tiara, giving off the presence of an elegant queen.

It seems that the actress put in some effort to pull off the look of South Korea’s royalty. The tiara alone is worth $100,000, and has the size and luxurious look fit for a queen.

The outfit’s main highlight, the dress is the work of famous designer Lee Chun Hee, from her Miss Gee Collection. It is a one-of-a-kind; only one such dress exists in the world. The dress personally suits Lee Yoon Ji very well, emphasizing her lovely collarbone with the top decorated in feathers.

The drama’s production team, Kim Jong Hak Production revealed, “Lee Yoon Ji has been receiving praise for pulling off the indifferent but free-spirited character of Lee Jae Shin so well, 200%. She put in a lot of effort and affection towards this scene.”

They continued, “In reality, Lee Yoon Ji is very similar to her character Lee Jae Shin in that she’s very bright and friendly, and often gives the set a cheery atmosphere. You will be able to see more colorful sides to her character in the future, so please look forward to watch her acting.”