2PM’s Taecyeon and Baek Ji Young Working on Another Duet Track?

On May 1, an interesting photo indicating the possible reunion of 2PM’s Taecyeon and female singer Baek Ji Young has surfaced on the Web. The photo was reportedly taken on April 30 at Baek Ji Young’s music video shooting, but it’s unknown why Taecyeon was there at this point.

In the photo, Baek Ji Young is seen wearing a dark leather outfit, with heavy makeup on, seeming to have taken a short break from her filming. Taecyeon, on the other hand, is wearing a pink button up shirt with a slightly dorky-looking hairstyle, which is far from his usual stage outfit and style.

Netizens commented, “Are they working on another duet song?” “It’s hard to read the concept with this photo,” “Is Taecyeon’s hairstyle going to be the new trend?”

Taecyeon and Baek Ji Young worked together in 2009 for the smash hit single, “My Ear’s Candy.” The song caused quite a stir in the industry for the unique combination of a young idol star and a veteran female singer, but also because of its sexy choreography, which to date is still considered one of the most popular dances in the industry.

Baek Ji Young, meanwhile, will make a comeback on May 17 with her first mini album in three years. For those of you that missed “My Ear’s Candy,” here’s a live clip of their performance!