Park Yoo Chun Involved in a Car Accident! Postpones Check-Up Because of Busy Schedule!

It’s been belatedly revealed that JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun was involved in a car accident last week. A representative of C-Jes Entertainment stated, “On April 26, Park Yoo Chun had a minor car accident on his way to the set of his drama [‘Rooftop Prince’].”

The representative continued, “Thankfully, it wasn’t a big accident like the ones that involve partially destroyed cars. The front bumper and hood have been damaged.  The accident occurred out of [the driver’s] fatigue and negligence due to the tight filming schedules.”

The accident happened a day before the “48th Baeksang Arts Award,” where Park Yoo Chun attended as both the presenter and receiver of an award. The ceremony, as well as the ongoing drama shoots, prevented the actor from getting a check-up at the hospital. The representative revealed, “Currently, he does have an appointment at the hospital set up, but has yet to get his injuries checked-up. He adamantly stated he is ok, but we plan on sending him to get examined as soon as his schedule frees up.”

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