BoA Left for India After the Last Episode of "SBS K-Pop Star," Why?

On May 1, KBS “Road for Hope” revealed a picture of BoA in India on its twitter and commented, “The star of Asia, BoA! Rises in Inda! It’s 9am and already 40 degrees celsius. The scenery here is as unfamiliar as the heat. Now we are off the meet the children.”

The revealed photo shows BoA standing alone in the streets of India. She is wearing a large sun hat to avoid direct sunlight. She is sporting a casual look with chinos and a navy shirt with a backpack, holding a camera in one hand. One can also spot a group of curious Indians standing under a narrow shade and looking at BoA. 

BoA left for India to film KBS “Road for Hope” right after the last episode of SBS “K-Pop Star.” Netizens commented, “Is that why you couldn’t make it to the premier of ‘I Am?’ To go to India?” “A long flight to India right after ‘K-Pop Star,’ you must be exhausted,” and “I am so excited that I can see BoA on TV again!”