Park Jimin Critiques JYP As a Judge!

As we reported earlier, on April 29, Park Jimin won 1st place after finally defeating her rival Lee Ha Yi on “SBS K-Pop Star.” Originally, we were supposed to find out which one of the agencies she would choose to join. (SME, JYPE, or YGE)

Park Jimin appeared on the radio show, CBSKim Hyun Jung’s Talk Show” May2. The DJ Kim Hyun Jung asked Park Jimin who the harshest judge was on the show. Park Jimin stated, “It is definitely JYP.”

Kim Hyun Jung stated, “I want you to critique JYP. What score would you give JYP as a judge?”

Park Jimin answered, “I want to give him a perfect score of 100. He helped me strive harder. Although I didn’t necessarily feel good at the time, when I look back he judged me in a way that helped me. I want to give a score of 100 to all of the judges.”

Currently it is known that Park Jimin is receiving contacts from agencies other than SME, YG, and JYPE.