IU Draws a Sexy Peach and Receives Compliments from Uncle Fans

On May 1, IU posted a picture of a hand-drawn peach on her twitter and commented, “Sexy peach…I’m gonna try one more time with an innocent mind this time!” It’s quite obvious why IU called this particular peach “sexy” as the bottom of this peach resembled a baby’s buttocks. 

KBS announcer Jeon Hyun Moo jokingly commented on IU’s tweet, “My dear IU, you are a grown up now that you post something like this. This uncle is very proud of you.” Other netizens seem to agree with Jeon Hyun Moo as they commented, “Sly IU! You’re so cute!” “IU’s cute no matter what she does,” “IU’s uncle fans are having so much fun with this,” “I can totally see Jeon Hyun Moo being proud of IU with a big uncle-smile on his face.”