Yoo Ji Tae to Appear on Film "The Tenor – Lirico Spinto"

Actor Yoo Ji Tae has been casted to play the role of legendary tenor singer Bae Jae Chul for film “The Tenor – Lirico Spinto.” Bae Jae Chul is known for the multitude of his voice, which has the characteristics of both softer lirico and powerful spinto. The flim “The Tenor – Lirico Spinto” will portray the life of Bae Jae Chul, his struggles with thyroid cancer, which occurred at the most glamorous time of his life as an opera singer, and rehabilitation processes.

Director Kim Sang Man commented, “The character of Bae Jae Chul demands more than just effort. One must be able to speak English and Japanese and challenge himself as an opera singer. I thought Yoo Ji Tae was the perfect fit for this role, as he has done impressive acting with his voice in film ‘Midnight FM.’ I believe with Yoo Ji Tae’s diligence and focus as an actor, he will perfectly transform into Bae Jae Chul. I could not think of anyone else who is more suitable for the role.” 

Yoo Ji Tae has been putting much effort into transforming into Bae Jae Chul. For over two months, he has been practicing opera singing for more than four hours a day and has been getting language tutors from English and Japanese native speakers. Yoo Ji Tae said, “I want the viewers think that I’m really an opera singer when they watch the movie. I want to do my best.”

Japanese actor Iseya Yusuke has been cast to play the role of Bae Jae Chul’s best friend Sawada. Director Kim Sang Man praised Iseya Yusuke, “I was looking for someone who can be natural and not looking as if he’s acting something or someone. Iseya Yusuke is exactly who I was looking for.” Iseya Yusuke is also expressing excitement in participating in this film. He said, “As soon as I got the script, I thought this was my destiny.” He cancelled all his other schedules to fully focus on filming “The Tenor.” 

The role of Bae Jae Chul’s wife Yoon Hee will be played by actress Cha Ye Ryun. Her portrayal of sturdy feminine and yet motherly spirit of Yoon Hee will add a feminine touch as well as character to this film. “The Tenor – Lirico Spinto” will start filming on May 3 and will be on location in Japan, Serbia, and Korea. The movie will be in theaters this winter.