[Ceci] Men Wearing Higher Heels a la G-Dragon

The 2012 S/S Prada Collection presents high-heeled shoes for men, solving a common complaint from short men.  They’ve taken the oxford shoe, with its characteristic punched-out details and wing-tip design, and added a unique detail to the heels.

As expected, the shoes are a must-have for smaller idol stars and stylish celebrities, and quickly rising as the emerging “it” shoe.  This craze for “clipper shoes” is welcoming.  If you observe closely, you can tell that many men are hiding a couple layers of height enhancing insoles inside their shoes, even though their ankles are usually shielded by their high-tops.  It’s a bit sad that while women proudly show off their killer high-heels, men feel the need to go out of their way to hide the platforms inside their shoes.

Those of you who have used height enhancing insoles should know, but they are very uncomfortable for your heels and in addition, shorten your shoe’s lifespan.  Given this information, the emergence of the clipper shoes deserves some fanfare.  Besides not having to insert insoles every day, men instantly show off their stylish side when they wear clippers.  They also get to choose from a variety of colors and styles.

Shoes with heels no longer have to be a dirty secret for shorter men—rather, these shoes proclaim their trendy style and status as a “a man who knows style.”  G-Dragon is this style’s icon, showcasing how versatile the style can be by sporting the look on many occasions.  “Fashion King” actor Yoo Ah In also benefitted from the “clipper effect” by simultaneously gaining height and showing off his style by wearing clippers.

Self-confidence is necessary to have style!  Chino pants that fall off right at the ankles are a perfect complement to “clippers”, as well as stylish roll-up pants.  Put away those suffocating high-tops for now, and renew your self-confidence with the new “clippers”!  Not only do you gain an inch or two, this new style feels much more comfortable and natural than your current slip-ons.

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