f(x) Sulli Shows Off Expert (?) Drawing Skills

f(x) Sulli drew a picture of fellow member Victoria with her expert (?) drawing skills! During the afternoon on her me2day May 2, she wrote, “One space looked empty in the picture, so I drew her in, doesn’t it look exactly like her?”

The drawing of Victoria shows a character that has very big eyes and sensual lips.

In the picture you can see the members wearing “I AM” t-shirts. As we reported before, “I AM” is a documentary about the SM artists that will hit theaters on May 10. The picture of the members is at the waiting room for the “I AM” showcase which was held on April 30.

Netizens that came across the picture stated, “Sulli’s drawing skills are awesome. Picasso would probably cry with envy,” “I laughed so hard after seeing the picture, Sulli has a weird charm,” and “Is Victoria still in China? Hurry up and come back~ your dongsengs are waiting for you.”