Wonder Girls’ Sohee Through the Years

Wonder Girls‘ member Sohee is receiving attention for her growth process through the years.

On May 2, a collection of Sohee’s pictures was posted on an online community site. These pictures included younger pictures of the singer as well as some current ones. 

She is especially receiving attention in that her past photos are not that different from her current image. It seems as if the singer has always had big, single-eyelid eyes, cute cheek fat, and a small face.

In addition, her kindergarten photo showed her cute face that had a lot of people turning heads. Furthermore, in her picture taken during movie “I Like it Hot” we can see her thin limbs and slim figure, forecasting her perfect body today. 

Netizens who saw this collection of photos left positive comments such as, “Sohee looks the same,” “It seems as if only her body grew. She’s so cute,” and “Please keep growing like this.”