Kim Hyun Joong Finds His Doppelganger in New Boy Group

Rookie boy group A-JAX is attracting attention for having a member who resembles Kim Hyun Joong. Earlier today, A-JAX uploaded a photo of its member Jae Hyung with the Prince of Asia on its official Facebook account, proving their resemblance.

Kim Hyun Joong, who until last year used to be part of DSP Media, came to visit DSP’s practice studio to cheer for his hoobaes A-JAX, who had recently made their TV debut.

Jae Hyung revealed, “I felt honored to have received support from my long-time role model. I will work harder to become the best singer.”

Meanwhile, Jae Hyung and his six A-JAX members currently star in MBC Music’s reality program, “Making the Star – DSP Boys.” They’re aiming to make their official music debut later this month.