Rainbow’s Go Woori Reveals Filming Set of "I Need a Fairy"

Rainbow‘s Go Woori wrote on her twitter May 2, “The filming set of ‘I Need a Fairy,’ Lee Joon, you are supposed to look at the camera open your eyes!”

In the picture, Go Woori looks happy and is making V signs with both of her hands. MBALQ’s Lee Joon is putting his hands on his chin and is looking elsewhere.

“I Need a Fairy” is the Korean version of “Sex and the City.” The sitcom will be about the love and desire of Korean women. A fallen angel will enter the lives of a mother and daughter. The drama covers the various events that occur in the mother and daughter’s lives. Cha In Pyo, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, and Shimn Hye Jin are the main cast.