Brave Brothers Hopes to Create the Next Big Bang with BIGSTAR

“When I was at YG producing for Big Bang, I got a desire to make a group like them myself. I think now I will be able to fulfill that dream.” That statement was said by composer/producer Brave Brothers, who was at the premiere for SBS E! “Brave Brothers BIGSTAR Show” on May 2. He indicated his hopes for the soon-to-debut group, BIGSTAR.

He went on to say, “Honestly, I am confident. They have the ability to understand all genres. Also, I haven’t seen anyone dance as well as them. Without a doubt, they will be a success. They are debuting in June and I will try my best to make an idol group with a new style to bring to the music scene. Just like their name, I am planning on making them into big stars.”

On this day, BIGSTAR showed their first performance with a brilliant and powerful dance. They continued on by expressing their feelings by saying, “We revealed ourselves to the world through this stage so it is very meaningful. We are going to put our all into this, just like the chief [Brave Brothers], who is preparing us with his life. We want to hear that distinct idols have appeared and are causing a storm.”

Afterwards, they were asked whether or not they had role models. They said, “We don’t know. We never really deeply thought about role models. In the future, we hope that we can become role models for people who are preparing to grow into singers.”

“Brave Brothers BIGSTAR Show” is a documentary/real variety about the idol trainees who were picked by Brave Brothers himself. It shows the BIGSTAR members running towards their dream with passion, hard work, and challenge. The show will air its first episode on May 5.

Watch the BIGSTAR profile video below.

Member Profiles (in order as shown in video)

Gwang Suk
Birthday: February 26, 1992
Vocal, Rap
“A cute face that makes cheeks explode”

You Hwan
Birthday: July 29, 1992
Vocal, Rap
“Honey abs attached! Pretty boy B-boy”

Rae Hwan
Birthday: February 15, 1992
“Man of pure charm”

Sung Hak
Birthday: January 16, 1993
Vocal, Rap
“Full of gag instinct! Atmosphere maker”

Dong Hyun
Birthday: November 25, 1994
“Youngest with a 4-D personality, grew up in Australia”

Ho Jun
Birthday: October 31, 1992
“Behind the naiveness, a hidden dance ability”

Young Jun
Birthday: October 28, 1990
Vocal, Rap
“Oldest who is noticeable anywhere, top man”

“People say it’s a challenge without meaning, a waste of time without hope, and an attachment to outward appearance. However, we truly want it and are happy because of it, we will go for it. There is no such thing as a destined fate in this world. Only, you try your hardest in front of the fate you are going to make. We are trainees. Even to us, hardships like failure and elimination are difficult obstacles. We spent our teen years crazy over singing and dancing. Kids of the streets, we gave up on our parents’ expectations and picked the path with no guarantee. We are trainees. Still now, we live a life filled with anxiety and worry. Challenging ourselves has become the only meaning in life. We are extraordinary teens.”