IU Releases Teaser for "Peach"

After revealing concept pictures yesterday, a one and a half minute long video teaser for IU‘s “Peach” was released today on LOEN‘s YouTube channel.

Instead of releasing music videos as usual, her agency has announced that they will be making a short music movie to portray the full sentiment, emotions, and story of the music that IU wants to bring to her fans. This film will be in the form of mockumentary, documenting private stories and life of IU. She will talk about entering her 20s, her opinions on love and career, and reveal more of her real self through a series of conversations in this film.

Her new single album, “The Spring of a Twenty Year Old” is set to be released on May 11. In the teaser we can see her playing a guitar and trying to write a song.

“Peach” was written IU and is described as having a lovable feeling. The lyrics portray the loving emotions felt when looking at one’s lover. The recorder and triangle sounds, performed by IU herself, add to the girly sentiments of the song.