JYJ Kim Junsu’s Solo Album Song to Be on "Rooftop Prince" OST

JYJ Kim Junsu will help out his fellow member Park Yoo Chun by lending his voice to the SBS Rooftop Prince” OST! A representative of SBS “Rooftop Prince” stated, “The ballad song “I Hate Love,” which is going to be on Kim Junsu’s upcoming album, will be included on the “Rooftop Prince’s” OST. The song was written by Jeon Hye Sung, who also wrote “That Girl,” the OST song on ‘Secret Garden.’”

Kim Junsu sang the OST “You Are So Beautiful” for the SBS drama, “Scent of a Woman,” which received positive reviews.

The song “I Hate Love” is an ethnic ballad song that is standard slow. After Kim Junsu recorded the song, Jeon Hye Sung stated, “That was singing which was as good as the best vocalist in South Korea.”