Thousands of Fans Welcome Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore for “Fan Meeting Tour 2012”

Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Singapore on May 2 to kick of his “Fan Meeting Tour 2012.” Although he arrived during the day, thousands of fans came out to greet the star singer/actor, nearly paralyzing the airport.

It was reported that the fans brought gifts and posters to welcome Kim Hyun Joong, and the Korean star responded with a warm smile and hand waves. During the press conference that was held right after his arrival, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his confidence in the special stage he prepared for this tour. Local media particularly made note of Kim Hyun Joong’s polite and humble demeanor, as he answered all of the questions in as much detail as possible.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will hold the first concert for his “Fan Meeting Tour 2012” on May 4 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.