Why Does Wonder Girls Sohee Close Her Eyes in Her Selcas?

Recently, a post titled “Sohee’s Way of Taking Selcas” humored many netizens, as they were circulated through many online communities. The post compiled several photos of Wonder Girls’ Sohee, where she is either closing her eyes – or barely opening them – and explained, “People with inner [hidden] double eyelids tend to look mean in pictures. Their eyes tend to come out really small too.”

Netizens commented, “I too know the pain and sufferings of a person with inner double eyelid,” “Sohee looks adorable with her eyes closed~” “I miss the Wonder Girls,” “Aww~ Sohee~” and more.

Meanwhile, Sohee is also seen with her eyes closed in her latest group photo with fellow members of the Wonder Girls