Mnet M! Countdown – May 3, 2012

The announcment of SISTAR’s win last week wasn’t made until today because Mnet’s “M! Countdown” was held in Japan last week. This week, however, they were beaten by 4Minute and their new song “Volume up.
TaeTiSeo and B.A.P made their first stage performance as well. 

Check out the videos below of the winners and the performances on tonight’s “M! Countdown.” 

Other performances from tonight include: U-KISS, SunnyHill, F.Cuz, EXO-K, Ivy, Supernova and ElectroBoyz.

Song of the week:

4Minute “Volume up!”

B.A.P “Power”

TaeTiSeo “Baby steps” and “Twinkle”

U-KISS “When love stops” and “Dora Dora”

Sunny Hill “Princess and Prince Charming”

Sistar “Alone”

Electroboyz “Smile or cry”


Supernova “Stupid Love”