Jung Yong Hwa’s Real Height Questioned

CNBlue‘s Jung Yong Hwa’s height is compared to comedian Lee Hwi Jae and it’s drawing eyes.

Recently, a captured photo from the Paek Sang Arts Awards, which was held on April 26, was posted on an online community site.

This photo shows Jung Yong Hwa, who came up on the stage to celebrate a friend, Park Shin Hye, getting awarded.

While Jung Yong Hwa was on his way to give Park Shin Hye a bouquet, he passed by the MC Lee Hwi Jae and their heights were compared.

According to Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hwi Jae’s online profile from a portal site, they both are supposed to be 180cm (5 feet and 10 inches) but when they were standing together there’s a very noticeable height differences.

Netizen investigators who caught this sight doubt Jung Yong Hwa’s profile height saying, “Did Jung Yong Hwa fake his profile height?”

On the other hand, Jung Yong Hwa’s fans are saying, “Lee Hwi Jae is just wearing heel inserts,” and some others are saying, “It’s the camera angle that makes the height seem different,” countering netizen investigators.

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