Super Junior’s Leeteuk is Very Protective of Girls Generation’s Seohyun

Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed his special affections for Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

Several artists of SM Entertainment guest starred on the “Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert” episode that was aired on May 3. On this day, Leeteuk stated, “Seohyun may not have a boyfriend.”

He continued to say, “She may not date a boy. I’ve known her since she was in 5th grade. So if she really wants to date a boy, he must present his personal documents and go through an interviewing process and pass.”

Finally, Leeteuk expressed his deep feelings for Seohyun as he said, “Seohyun is a very pure person. Her purity and innocence are her best traits. So she’s very clean and untainted. I usually call Seohyun the ‘maknae angel princess.'”

Then DBSK’s Changmin said, “I’m different from Leeteuk. I actually tell Seohyun to try dating. I warn her by saying if she opens her eyes to dating too late, she might end up dating some weirdo like Heechul.”

To all of this, Seohyun replied, “I don’t need a boyfriend at the moment.” Then when asked who the number one oppa was in her heart, she picked Shim Jae Won, who is the top choreographer for SM, as her number one choice. Leeteuk was picked as number two.

Meanwhile, other SM artists such as DBSK, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Tiffany appeared on the show as well.