"Rooftop Prince" Moves Up and "The Equator Man" Continues to Drop

It’s become more of a pattern now for SBSRooftop Prince” and MBCThe King 2hearts” to swap their places back and forth with every episode. As somewhat expected, ratings for “Rooftop Prince” rose ever so slightly to 11.6% (AGB Nieslen). However, the small increase was enough to drop “The King 2hearts” to last place with 11.1%.

While KBSThe Equator Man” held on to the lead, ratings for last night’s episode dropped further to 13.9%. With the constant shift in ratings and only six more episodes to go for “Rooftop Prince” and “The King 2hearts,” ten for “The Equator Man,” it’s hard to tell which drama will come out as the “successful” Wed/Thurs drama.