TaeTiSeo Reaches Into the Billboard 200 Chart in 40 Hours!

TaeTiSeo’s new mini album “Twinkle” reached the Billboard 200 chart! The mini album was released on April 28 through iTunes and within only 40 hours of its release, it reached #126 on the Billboard 200 chart. The time that Billboard 200 collects its data is from April 23-29. This is the best that any Korean singer has done on the Billboard chart in such a short amount of time.

The Girls’ Generation unit group is doing well in other areas as well. The album is going #1 for the world album chart, and #2 for the heat seekers album chart. On YouTube their clips are doing phenomenal. The three teasers for “Twinkle” and the MV together have gained over 20 million views!

Yesterday on May 3, TaeTiSeo performed “Twinkle” on “M Countdown,” the next performances will be on May 3 through KBS “Music Bank.”