Netizens Comment that Kim Tae Hee Looks Like a Commoner in Sunglasses

Earlier today, a post titled “Humiliating much? Kim Tae Hee Take Those Sunglasses Off This Instant,” sparked a heated debate among netizens. The post uploaded two photos of Kim Tae Hee, one with sunglasses and another without. The netizen who posted the photos compared the two photos and wrote, “It was probably hard to even choose such a design and color that doesn’t suit her.” 

The sunglasses covered Kim Tae Hee’s beautiful eyes, and she appeared quite ordinary – just like any other non-celebrities – with them. Netizens were split regarding Kim Tae Hee’s style. Some of the comments included, “She looks best without them,” “Her face structure isn’t built for glasses or sunglasses,” “She looks like a commoner,” “People are just jealous,” and more.

What do you think? Does Kim Take Hee look better with or without sunglasses?