Shinhwa Members Reveal Individual Dating Styles

Shinhwa appeared on the most recent episode of Mnet “Beatles Code 2” and talked about their dating styles and philosophy. Kim Dong Wan said, “I’m the type to get to know someone and befriend her before dating.” Shin Hye Sung agreed with Kim Dong Wan’s dating philosophy of actually getting to know someone inside and out before officially dating. He added, “I’m like Dong Wan, too. It takes me about half a year to a year just to say ‘Let’s go out.'” 

Unlike Kim Dong Wan and Shin Hye Sung’s cautious and slow-paced dating style, Eric said that he gets into a relationship right away if it feels right. He commented, “I don’t do the whole getting-to-know-each-other thing. If I like someone, I want to date her. I figure things out after I get into a relationship.” Jun Jin agreed with Eric’s style of dating.

When asked “What would you do when your girlfriend goes clubbing?” Andy answered that he is fine with it as long as she tells him before she goes out. Also, members of Shinhwa talked about what they think of as the ideal woman for Lee Min Woo. They commented, “Min Woo doesn’t show his feelings well. So we think a wise woman who can understand his feelings. Also, someone who can take care of him would be ideal.”