Sohee Flaunts "Flawless Skinny Fit" in "High Cut"

Wonder GirlsSohee posed for fashion magazine “High Cut” on the beach. In this photo shoot, Sohee showcased several outfits from Tommy Hilfiger Demin, appealing both her girly cuteness and mature feminine charms. 

In one of the photos, Sohee wears a pair of skin-tight jeans and a striped nautical shirt, looking summery and free. Her skinny frame perfected the “flawless skinny fit,” allowing no room for photoshop. In other pictures, jean shorts and flowy tops complimented Sohee’s long, slender legs and arms. 

Sohee’s pictorial from “High Cut” is featured in the 76th issue of the magazine, which was published on May 3. Unpublished pictures and behind-the-scene snapshots are also available on “High Cut”s website. “High Cut” also revealed these previously unpublished picture as well as BTS video clips through its digital magazine application for iPad.