Infinite to Fly in Personal Helicopter for Showcase Tour

Infinite is holding a nonstop showcase series in five cities on May 15. Infinite will be in Gwangju at 9am, Busan at noon, Daegu at 2PM, Daejun at 5PM, and finally, Seoul at 8PM KST. 

Infinite will be riding a personal helicopter for this unprecedented nonstop showcase tour. Their busy traveling plan will resemble the helicopter scenes from film “Mission Impossible.” Fans and industry officials are paying close attention to their traveling routes, as well as their showcases. Infinite will have the maximum number of staff and facilities possible ready at all of these five cities. 

A representative of Infinite’s agency, Woolim Entertainment, commented, “We want to change the concept of showcase from fans coming to see the artists to the artists visiting the fans. This will be the grandest showcase in Korea.”

These showcases will be free of charge, but fans still need to get a ticket to be able to participate. Tickets will be available on Melon website on May 7. Infinite will be introducing the title song of their new album and its music video at these showcases.