Leeteuk Thanks His Life Mentor

On the most recent episode of “Joo Byun Jin’s Talk Concert,” Super Junior‘s Leeteuk picked entertainer Kang Ho Dong as his mentor and briefly talked about their private phone conversation. Leeteuk said, “Kang Ho dong once told me, ‘Life is full of adversity, so one must be resilient.'”

He added, “Kang Ho Dong is like a brother and a mentor to me. Recently, I called him for the first time and told him ‘I finally mustered up some courage to call you.’ He welcomed me and said, ‘I miss you. I love you, my little brother.'”

Upon hearing about Kang Ho Dong and Leeteuk’s touching phone conversation, Netizens commented, “Kang Ho Dong and Leeteuk’s phone call touched me,” “I hope Kang Ho Dong will make a comeback soon,” and “They are so close.”