JYJ Jaejoong’s Younger Sister Close to Debuting as an Actress?

JYJ’s Jaejoong’s younger sister may be close to debuting as an actress, according to the latest Netizen rumors. On May 4, a photo titled, “Kim Jaejoong’s younger sister who will debut soon,” was posted on an online community board.

The post had a couple photos of the Jaejoong’s younger sister, one of them including Jaejoong himself. It also had a recent tweet by Oh Seo Jin, the mother of Jaejoong, which stated, “The youngest child decided to take theater major and is expected to debut soon. We met the director yesterday and today we’re scheduled to have a meal with the Chief Producer around KBS.”

She continued, “They say they like the fresh image of our maknae, but I’m concerned because she’s a country girl who doesn’t know how to style herself.”

Netizens commented, “She looks exactly like Jaejoong,” “She has super star power,” and “I wonder if she’ll debut as a singer or an actress.”