Kangta Plans to Launch Independent Label under SM Entertainment

Kangta expressed his plans to launch an independent label under SM Entertainment. On May 4, Kangta met with local press and said, “I want to produce a team that’s different from the SM concept. This group will be a vocal group and will begin under an independent label that’s not necessarily the same as SME.”

He continued, “SM artists tend to get less recognition for being an idol, although they’re very good singers. There’s no need to pay less attention to the looks, but I think I’ll be able to produce a group that doesn’t put too much emphasis on appearances. It will be a group that differs from SME’s image.”

Kangta said he already talked about this with Lee Soo Man, the founder and chairman of SME, since he got out of the army in 2010. However, he didn’t mention the specific launch date for his agency.

“While being a part of Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea,’ I realized the market is too congested and the fan interest is also quickly changing. I’m planning to take some time and create enough opportunities to meet with the general public.”