[Exclusive] B.A.P Talks about “Power,” Lupe Fiasco, Spray Cans, and the Bunny Secret!

Dear all BABYs!

Soompi had a chance to sit down with B.A.P for an exclusive interview last week at TS Entertainment’s headquarters in Seoul!

During the interview, which took place in the training room where B.A.P and Secret train every day, the boys of Best. Absolute. Perfect. talked about their latest single, “Power,” their new dance and hairstyle, while explaining the secret to their spray can effects!

Also, they shared for the first time a hint to their bunny logo (ma-tto) and thoughts on none other than the U.S. rapper Lupe Fiasco!

If you are a fan of B.A.P, make sure you watch this exclusive interview with Soompi, because you won’t find a better one anywhere else!


(Make sure you click on the “CC” button on the video to get subtitles!)