Goo Hara’s Bare Face Selca: Eyeliner Urgently Needed Vs. Still Beautiful

Goo Hara‘s recently posted makeup-free selca photo has stirred a debate among netizens.

On May 4 the singer posted, “Here! I’m feeling pretty good. We had killer weather today,” along with a selca on her personal twitter.

In the photo, Goo Hara isn’t wearing any makeup and is sporting a black t-shirt while lying down in bed. Her photo got netizens debating whether the singer urgently needed her eyeliner or not.

Some netizens thought the singer badly needed to find her makeup and left responses such as, “Where is your eye makeup?!” “I’m Goo Hara’s fan, but.. She should wear makeup,” and “Please.. Wear your eyeliner, Hara.” But others thought the singer looked fine and left positive comments such as, “She looks pretty even without eyeliner,” “Her makeup-free skin is so white,” and “Cutie Hara! When will you resume your activities in Korea?”

Where do you stand on this debate? Check out the photo below and leave your feedback!