Busker Busker’s Brad to Get Married

Busker Busker‘s drummer Brad confessed “I married my girlfriend today,” during their recent concert.

Busker Busker held their concert at Yonsei University Centennial Hall on May 4 at 6:00PM. After they sang a couple songs, Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Joon said “I’ll tell you something surprising today.”

Then Brad come up to the stage and said, “I married my girlfriend today. I registered a marriage and came here.” And it shocked the audiences.

A representative from Busker Busker talked on the phone with OSEN on May 4, at noon, “Brad said that he went to the concert after registering a marriage. None of the staffs knew about it, so when Brad actually said it, it shocked us all as well.”

Then they said, “Brad and his girlfriend are both Americans so they only registered a marriage. They are planning on having a ceremony later. Everyone knew that they were going to get married so we congratulated him.”

Previously, on May 3, during tvN’s “Taxi,” Brad revealed “I’ve been with my girlfriend, who I met at the club, for 6 years and we are planning on getting married.”