TAHITI Making Headlines for Their Charitable Effort

Upcoming girl group TAHITI has been chosen as models for 7-Eleven. Representing a globally known company, they have created quite a buzz as they have yet to make their official debut. Not only will they make their presence known but it is all for a good cause.

DS Entertainment made an official statement today revealing that TAHITI was selected as models for 7-Eleven’s latest ad campaign. The international chain has teamed up with the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation for a very special event. 

The event aims to support the education of 240 children and teens in need. Those selected were unable to afford after-school classes. The students chosen were from disadvantaged families who will receive aid for a full year to further their education. To enhance and support the students learning they also were assigned personal mentors.

The group’s agency shared the girl’s feelings regarding this opportunity, “TAHITI heard about the cause and wanted to help out in any way they could. The girls decided to take what they earned from the advertisement and donate it. TAHITI has learned from watching senior singer Kim Jang Hoon who always donates his time and money that they wanted to follow suit. It is a small gesture, but the girls hope that their love and support reaches those in need.”

Ahead of TAHITI’s album release in June, the group has appeared on their own show. SBS MTV’s “Ta-Dah! It’s TAHITI” shows off the group’s debut process which has raised interest among the public. The show began airing in April and is being broadcast to eight countries throughout Asia.