Kara’s Park Gyuri Proves Her Beauty with Recent Pictures

Kara’s Park Gyuri showed off her flawless beauty. On May 4, along with a picture, she wrote on her twitter, “Darn, I’m in the mood. A selca in like hundreds of years! I went to the hospital, got my camera fixed, and bought batteries. I spent a satisfying day…not really. Today, I am just a jobless person.”

Few hours after posting the message, Park Gyuri revealed another picture and she wrote, “I usually don’t take selcas that much, however, here’s one more.”

In the photos, Park Gyuri is looking into the camera with her long hair parted in the middle and falling down on either side of her face. She received much jealousy from fans with her oval face and her striking facial features, which shows off her Asian beauty.

Netizens said, “Pretty,” “It is a pity that Gyuri goddess’ beauty can’t be expressed through a picture,” and “Truly beautiful. Kara is the best.”