Lyn Talks about Her Stylist Being Killed in April Fire

On the most recent episode of KBS2 “Immortal Song 2” that was aired on May 5, Lyn had her first win on the show. Lyn reinterpreted Korea’s traditional mask dance known as tal chum along with Korean music, receiving much praise from the audience and beat Im Tae Kyung and claimed the number one spot.

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After her victory, Lyn said through her tears, “My stylist who went to heaven comes to mind. She would always say, ‘Why doesn’t my unnie win?’ and felt sorry for me.” Lyn’s stylist, who was also group MIB’s stylist, was a freelancing stylist who passed away last month during the fire in MIB’s dorms. There were two other casualties, and the incident created a wave of shock throughout the public and entertainment industry.

At the time, a broadcast representative stated, “Lyn received a severe shock (from the incident). She cancelled her event and showed her loyalty by actively taking part in planning the funeral.”