Han Chae Young’s High School Graduation Photo

Han Chae Young’s high school graduation picture was recently uploaded by the actress herself.

The actress uploaded the picture of herself in her high school days on May 5 with the caption, “Wow! I found this old picture somewhere. Hmm…I was still cute when I was young, right?”

The photo looks like a high school picture found in a yearbook and has her English name, “Rachel Kim,” written beneath the profile shot. The actress’ appearance has not changed much since her high school days. She still has the same allure and exudes a goddess-like appeal, keeping true to her nickname “Barbie Doll” of Korea.

Many netizens commented upon viewing the picture: “She’s really pretty,” “She was even sexy when she was in high school,” and, “She’s a natural beauty.”

Recently, a photo of Han Chae Young during her unviversity days also surfaced. The actress still boasts a long, slender body line but gives a more mature look with short hair.

Han Chae Young in high school. The actress was a natural beauty.