Dalmatian to Change Members and Return with First Album in 15 Months

Dalmatian will have a member change and comeback with five members this month. Dalmatian’s agency, IS Enter Media Group, said the boy band will release “State of Emergency” on May 15, and make their first comeback in nearly 15 months.

According to their agency, Dalmatian’s original member, Day Day, had to drop out of the group due to personal reasons, and he will be replaced by a new member, Simon. Another member, Dari, enlisted in the Korean army right after their “That Man Opposed” promotion, so will not be able to join the group this time. That leaves Dalmatian with Inati, Jeesu, Daniel, Young Won, and Simon.

“It’s been quite a while since our last album, and this time it will be a little different from the sprightly image of the first mini album, ‘That Man Opposed.’ This album will be of best quality featuring each member’s changed image and more sophisticated musical style,” Dalmatian said in a statement.

Meanwhile, all the tracks on “State of Emergency” are produced and written by the members of Dalmatian and Double Side Kick. Their new teaser image shows a much more mature and different (almost too drastically changed) image of the boys, so it will be interesting to see what type of concept they come out with in this album.

For those who don’t know Dalmatian, here’s the music video to their biggest hit track, “That Man Opposed.” Enjoy!