Kara Is Dominating Japanese Advertisements

Kara is currently dominating Japanese advertisements! Kara debuted in Japan on August, 2010. Since then they have been involved in advertisements ranging from communications, beauty, health, food, and distribution. Recently, they appeared in advertisements for Rohto Pharmaceutical’s, “C-Cube,” Palty (Hair Dye Brand), Red Ginseng for Daesang Japan, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

The amount of money that Kara is receiving for these advertisements is top notch as well, each advertisement they make around $500,000~700,000. The Japanese girl group AKB48 receives around $700,000 per advertisement.

The amount of money they are receiving in Japan for advertisements, and also the fact that their albums are doing so well is gaining them attention. It is being said that the members pique interest and also have a good likability factor that advertising are looking for.

Currently Kara is continuing through with their “Karasia” tour in Japan. Their next concerst will be on May 16-17 at the “National Gymnasia for the Tokyo Olympics.”